About Me

Mixing elements of techno,

electronica, and dance with fierce

pop vocal hooks is Corey's specialty."

 -Michael Gilboe, president; Next Big Hit.com


"Absolutely Fantastic."

-Howard Jones, singer/songwriter


"I think you are a genius in pro-

gramming music. I love your grooves,

beats, and the magic of your synthesizer

palette." -G.B."Ziji" Kaufman, Star Coach

Corey Stuart is an innovative performer from NYC who has been churning out

electronic pop music for 33 years.  In addition to being a keyboardist, Corey

is also an exceptional DJ with 20 years experience.  His performances have

taken him from his hometown of Kinston, NC all the way to Celaya, Mexico

and to Boston, Lincolnshire England.  Presently, he lives in Raleigh NC after twelve years in the Big Apple. He has opened for LaBouche, Howard Jones, DJ Kool, and has even sang with Joey Fatone from N'Sync. In the summer of 2014, he decided he wanted to get back in the live music circuit but combining his skills as both a DJ and keyboardist. He began the arduous task of programming hits of many beloved songs spanning nearly 40 decades. He designed "The Experience," a highly energized, rhythmic music show consisting of pop music hits played over a laptop and 3 synthesizers. The show uses a 10 x 10 ft backdrop of LED lights that animate to the music, and a 3000 watt sound system brings the music to it's top potential. Corey is intent on proving that a soloist doesn't have to be boring, and that venues can get the "full band sound" a fraction of the cost! The Experience is an show of exceptional talent and performance, and would be ideal for clubs, pubs, outdoor festivals, corporate events, house parties, fraternity/sorority functions, and so much more.