Personal Diary


Hello everyone, welcome to the weblog, where I can share everyday happenings with you.  Hopefully everything will be up and online shortly.  I look forward to hearing from each and everyone out there in cyberland.



I got the MP3 clips and a few additional photos online this morning for you to enjoy.  In the upcoming weeks I hope to have some new promotional pics up and ready.  I returned home yesterday evening (was over at Boggie's, my girlfriend, Sunday night) and apparently there was a fire in the apartment building. Luckily, no one was injured or killed, but the family staying there is now without a home.  Other than that bit of action, nothing else for now.  Trying to get the two songs down for the next showcase with Next Big Hit, on June 7th.  Check their website out, they have a small page on me at the artist section.   Until later, bye for now! C.



Wow! It hasn't been 3 days and already over 100 hits.  I'm really humbled that so many people are peering into this little world of mine....  Not to get anyone's hopes up, because nothing is set in stone, but I've been in negotiations with the talent buyer from The Downtown, in Farmingdale NY, on opening for Howard Jones next month.  This would mean so much for me if I could get to open for him, as I've followed his career about as eagerly as you've followed mine.  However, money is the key issue here and he's (the talent buyer) more concerned with how many people I can pull to the venue than if I'm good or not.  We'll have to wait and see....On another note, Im off to Virgin Megastore tonight to see if I can meet up with legendary Boy George.  He and the cast of 'Taboo' are in town for a meet and greet.  Perhaps I can hand off a CD to him, as I've admired his vocals and work in Culture Club since the 80's..... Take care, great to hear from you in the message board--keep spreading the word about this site!! Thanks, C.



Somehow, don't ask me how (perhaps the power emitting from my Gohonzon!), I've managed to acquire well over 6000 hits in a few short days.  This is truly what I've set out to if only people will start leaving me some more posts on the message board.  I really like reading what you've written and finding out more about you.  Yesterday, my Korg Triton synth had a well deserved reunion.  Thanks to my incredible Dad for shipping that hulking Roland Jupiter 6 up here to NYC from NC.  However, I will have to get myself a new stand altogether by the end of June because I've financed an MS2000 to add to the arsenal.  Eventually for small gigs, I will be using the MS2000 as the Jupiter will be for studio use and the Triton is getting a bit too heavy.  You should've seen me lugging that  40 lb. Jupiter from 1675 Broadway onto the subway, in the rain, and on my shoulder!!  Talk about agony on the joints, man!!  Some of you might be clueless as to all this talk about MS, Jupiter, stop by and educate yourselves on the history of the synthesizer.  It's a cool site complete with soundbytes of the instruments.  See ya next week; have a safe Memorial Day weekend--C.



Hope everyone had an incredible Memorial Day weekend, things are cooking up here in cyberland for me.  One week away from the Next Big Hit new music showcase.  I've decided to play this gig as a singer with backing tracks, as they only allow us time for two songs.  It would be a nightmare to transport all the equipment.  Still, this isnt a reason to not show up, as Im still loading up on glowsticks for the audience....Another trick in the hat that Im not pulling out yet, but to say that if it happens, you'd better be watching WNBC soon.  There's a new tv show preparing to air soon, and yours truly may have a spot in it!!  Until later....stay safe.  --C.




Big weekend here, started preparing the music for tonights Next Big Hit Showcase, as I am performing to two backing tracks of mine.  The keyboards are at home, wired for rehearsal as I was just told I'm the opening act for Mr Howard Jones NEXT WEEK in Farmingdale, NY at The Downtown venue! This is truly a dream come true for me.  I am still overwhelmed by the news and happily numb as I type this to you.  So the chanting is working in positive ways (as always) and helping me "embrace my struggles".  Also, on another note, I received an email from David Sterry, one of the founding members of Austrailian pop duo Real Life, on the subject of a remix I've recorded of their classic, "Send Me An Angel."  They're willing to post an MP3 of my version once it's ready.  Next week in Farmingdale I will most likely debut it live to the masses.  Oh! Many thanks to my incredible girlfriend who took some new photos this weekend that I will have online for you soon.  She too has a website being created and I will include the link once it's ready.  Until later, stay safe and hope to see you tonight at Club Sugar, and next week in Long Island! -C.



I can feel the adrenaline building! Tommorrow is the big night.  For those of you who haven't visited yet, Howard's website has included a link to my site in the "news" section.  The Kinston Free Press (my hometown in North Carolina) ran an article last Thursday.  Also, I want to encourage you to see Shaz Sparks, who is Howard's backup singer and 1/2 of the duo dba.  Her site is and it's got some killer MP3 clips.  I've been rehearsing like a mad hatter this past weekend for Farmingdale, and I think that everyone will enjoy what I've got in store.  I've taken some tracks out, and replaced them with a few songs that aren't on the cd.  There are 10 songs for tommorrow night, and 5 or 6 of them are featured on the disc.  Nonetheless, I'm almost satisfied with the end result.  A few more go-overs tonight, and then comes the packing up.....  -C.



This week has been a whirlwind for me, people.  Two nights of Howard Jones in action and one of them as the opening act!  The show went over really well, I didn't falter not once.  I think the covers of "Sweet Child of Mine" and "Send Me An Angel" were popular with the crowd.  Photos from the two nights are posted on the Farmingdale section.   Carefully observing HJ's rig has made me have second thoughts about mine...not necessarily in the quality of what I have, but with the fact everything he's using is compact, small and easy to transport.  Which made me think twice in keeping the Jupiter that I currently have on my rack.  I only use it for studio patches, and the thought of taking it to performances would be impractical.  It's a heavy monster of a I may opt to retire it and sell in order to get some new stuff.

Howard is using primarily Novation brand equipment.  I checked out a KS5 in Sam Ash the other day, and the unit is nothing short of amazing.  Looks like there may be a future for KORG and Novation to bond....wait & see!!  Now that things are gonna calm down, it's time to get back to other things.  I've got several projects in the works; one with an aspiring songwriter in Chelsea, and some remixes that I'm planning to create.  I may post them in their entirety on the site just to get some more traffic.  Time to get back to the SGI-USA too--I've spent some time away from them in the past month or so, and we've got a nice meeting at Lincoln Center tommorrow. -C.



This has been an interesting weekend, non-stop.  The SGI event at Lincoln Center attracted over 3000 people, and we've established a goal as leaders that by 2010 we have over 55 million happy Bottisatvas in this world.  B and myself went out Saturday night to a really hip vegetarian restaurant called Red Bamboo off West 4th Street.  I swear, that the soy meat tastes 'just like chicken!' I decided to part ways with the ol'Jupiter.  Sold it to Two Lines Music and got enough cash to take home a Korg MS2000B.  It's much lighter, does a heck of alot more, and doesn't obstruct my view of the Triton's main display.  So, I've begun to work on a new track, a techno monster I've named "Neighbors."  When it's completed, I may upload it here.  Not sure yet.....but I will say it has a lot of vocoding effects.  Anyhow, all's well in the land of cybertrash.  Until later,  -C.



I spent Friday night working on several tracks--one was written by a new friend of mine, Noel Ambury, an acoustic guitarist who is longing to go electronic with his material.  Since we began, it's taken on an "Erasure-esqe" vibe to the arrangement, but with a modern feel.  Also wrote and recorded a tune called "Some Devil." I'm keeping in mind something my girlfriend Boggie mentioned to me about singing.  I need to actually utilize my voice, as in previous songs I haven't taken it to it's potential.  So, this is an obstacle I must get over in time.  I volunteered at SGI-USA Saturday night as Gajokai, and it was nice to get back into the swing of things.  -C.



Back from the 4th of July festivities.  B and myself went down to enjoy the fireworks at the Fulton Street Market Pier.  This was a first for me, since I've only lived in NYC for two years and I missed the celebration last year.  Macy's sponsored the event, and the fireworks were shot over the water on long barges.  The crowds were immense, and the excitement level high.  On Saturday night, we caught the 9pm showing of "Spiderman 2" in Queens.  The film was great; it certainly lives up to the media hype.  Although someone was a bit brave and nearly ruined it for us all-- a firework shot off in the theater! Luckily the smoke alarms didn't go off.  -C.



This past weekend I had the pleasure of being in my first real movie shoot as an extra with minor speaking lines.  The film is a short which will be targeted to the Tribeca Horror Film Festival this September.  Anyhow, I was cast as a zombie.  The movie was a horror/comedy, so it was certainly big on campiness.  They layered my face with rubber latex, toilet paper and makeup.  In the end, it was really convincing.  I looked a bit like the girl from the Exorcist.  Onto another note, August 17th, Tuesday night I will be playing my next big show at the Red Hook in Brooklyn, NY.  According to events staff, this place has been open over a year and has state of the art sound.  It can accomodate up to 400 people.  I hope to see you out there.  I will start at around 10pm and play to 11pm.  -C.



I've been practicing alot for the upcoming gig in Brooklyn on August 17th.  My friend, Noel Ambury, who is a local songwriter, has loaned me a vintage Yamaha DX-7.  In between working on his material and mine, I'm learning about FM synthesis and how to program this gem.  So, it looks as if the equipment tally will be up to 4 keyboards at the Hook gig.  I've been editing the sequences and programming some new stuff and surprises for the show.  I think everyone will be in for a treat.  -C.



Last nights gig at the Hook was short but sweet.  The venue is nice, the people running the show were great.  But, delay in getting there, and other contributing factors saw myself and Boggie joining the stage at 11pm instead of 10pm.  My set was called short after just four songs, and I got a "stay of execution" to play a finale.  I huge setback, as I had a few good friends from the SGI trek from Manhattan (boy did they get lost in the journey!!) to enjoy the show.  They got to hear roughly 15 minutes when all was said and done.  Struggling musicians have it bad, people.  But, amidst the struggle, it WILL be embraced (so says the song itself), and I'll show em'.  The great shows await.....

The event was DVD'd, so as soon as I can view the material, I'll make the decision as to if I want it released on a small scale for the holidays.  -C.



Have just uploaded the new song of the month.  I apologise for being such a procrastinator in getting it up on the site, but I think the debut of the "song of the month" was more like the "song of the month and a half"!  I've choosen "Skintight (Ibiza Remix Edit)" as this is a new and rare take on one of my oldest songs.  I toyed with the concept of doing it house style as early as 1993, but didn't have the resources to do it the way I'd intended.  On another note, I'm not particularily fond of the fact NYC is hosting the RNC next week - - on MY birthday of all days too!!  It's gonna be hard to get around, considering the security is really tight.  Hopefully nothing will go wrong.  (Fingers crossed; chanting hard!) -C.



Started recording new versions of several old tunes.  "Consumed" & "Tell Me Can U Feel It Now?" Lyrically, "Consumed" shows some promise, I haven't changed much except to slow the original tempo a notch and bring up the vocals with little fx and dual compression.  It's hard to match the original's arrangement.  But I think the new one give's the song a more "mature" sound without compromising the tranciness.  "TMCUFIN", when completed, will be a real floor pumper.  I have to say it will be new to you but quite old to myself as I wrote it when I was 14 years old.  I've started jotting notes down on how I want it arranged--even tinkering with full arrangement loops. / Noel and I will be working again this weekend after about a month hiatus; we've accomplished 2 tracks so far, and this time we'll begin honing a ballod.  -C.



After nearly two years situated in Washington Heights, I have relocated to Jamaica Queens.  Boggie and I are now living together, happily creating music side by side and forging new ideas in the world of song.  Jamiaca is a nice change.  You can hear the birds chirp outside your window instead of horns honking.  The neighborhood is lined with trees instead of trash.  Boggie turns out quite alot more material than myself.  I think that the fact that you can actually think and create in a neighborhood like this does it justice.  Several weeks ago we went to see "MOOG", a movie documentary on the genious pioneer Dr Robert Moog. He runs his synthesizer factory in western NC, my homestate.  I was in awe.  I have a deeper appreciation of his instruments, especially the Theremin and Voyager.  Howard Jones, where were you??  You've got a MiniMoog (2 of em', if I recall!!) You should've been in this flick.  By the way, I should have a new song uploaded for everyone's enjoyment in another day or two.  -C.



"Send Me An Angel" Remix is the new download of the month.  I hope you guys enjoy it, I have to email the guys from Real Life and let them know.  They mentioned something to the extent of including a link to it if I did. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!! -C.



Two nights ago, I met the third biggest inspiration on my career.  Duran Duran were at Virgin signing copies of their new cd, ASTRONAUT, and I had the pleasure of meeting the band (along with about 500 other fans!).  Nick Rhodes in particular, and before moving down the 'assembly line', I handed him a cd of 6 tunes I wrote.  The lottery has been won, people.  Howard Jones, Gene Simmons, and Nick Rhodes.  These 3 people are from different sides of music, yet all of them made a significant impact on my life in music.  And, I highly suggest you getting a copy of ASTRONAUT.  Hands down, it's some of DD's best work to date.  I heard from David Sterry the other day....he said I did a great job on the "Send Me An Angel" remix....preserverance pays off.  Now, I have the arduous task of mastering everything I've written these past two years so I can pick and choose which songs would best fit on the commercial release of "KINDA LIKE A VIRUS."   When I finally drop the CD, it will hit people like falling dominoes.  I don't want one track on there as a filler.  They'll all be strong tunes.  -C.



This year is winding down to a close faster than that new NASA scramjet!  I've been taking a few existing songs lately and toying with club remixes of them.  So far, if I decide to make a special CDR of mixes for dj's, I have 3 or 4 alternate versions of tunes to present.  "Mr Fear" is the first on the lineup, and "Over and Under" is a work in process.  I imagine if you're reading this then you know by now the front page has been redesigned a bit.  It was time for a change, nonetheless.  I opted to put in some animations to liven up the site.  In regards to the Song of the Month, I'm still debating on what to feature....please be patient!  I want to reflect by saying it's been a tough road trying to get shows in NYC.  I sometimes feel like I'm banging my head against the wall.  These venues, most of them want you to play for free.  And, if I've got the choice of more shows/no pay vs. less shows/guaranteed pay, I think most of you are like me and would go with the paid gigs.  Especially if you're an electronic music artist with heavy keyboards such as myself.  I'd rather spend two months preparation for a gig and do it the way I'd originally envisioned it than half ass it with one keyboard scrambling to the venue, with no idea of what to expect on arrival.  New York City is a grueling, unrelentless place to live that doesn't care if you're alive and well or if you're down and out.  You just take it day by day, and roll with the punches.  I've observed many of the people here and (midtown especially) it's like watching a rat race.  Dog eat dog, as they say.  I feel like I've been sucked up in it, but it's a formality of living in a big city altogether.  Just use the downtime to perfect your craft, and load your ammunition for the next round.  Not to sound cliche'.  All ye musicians, fear not.  Have faith.  Believe in yourself.  You'll eventually break through, and be thankful of what you've achieved and what you have to offer.   HAPPY THANKSGIVING. -C



Finally updated the "Song Of The Month" section on the MP3 page.  This month's track is "Some Devil."  If you're a fan of the techno beats and detuned synth riffs, this one's for you!  I wrote this late in the summer and it's certainly got it's share of attitude.  Onto another note, I'll have to approach a new way to upload the MP3's as I don't have a ripper option on the computer at the present time.  So is everyone gearing for Christmas?  Thankfully, I have some additional gigs pouring in (dj'ing, not live unfornately) so I'll be able to get everyone a little something.  I can say that the "weather outside is frightful" indeed; NYC is really cooling down.  Cold weather and me do NOT get along!  Ironically, those that know me well are aware that I'm hot natured and sleep with the radiator off.   Those covers get kicked off come morning!  It's a damn miracle I don't come down with pneumonia.  Anyhow, enough babbling.  For those that got the website cards this weekend at Spirit, it was nice to briefly meet you.  Enjoy the site and feel free to look around.  Take care until next time, -C.



I've listed my music on! If you miss a song of the month, and want free, full-length downloads, you can visit

and download the MP3s.  Currently, there are two up for the getting. Also, it was brought to my attention that you can't save a song file from this site.  So, the Amazon page will be an alternative to hear it.  As with anything on Amazon, you have the option to review and rate what's presented.  Do me a huge favor, and rate the songs that you download of mine.  I welcome any feedback.  -C.



Happy Holidays, everyone in Cyberland!  The year is almost at a close, and it's been a great year in regards to accomplishments.  On a sad note, however, I'd like to express my condolences to the families of those affected by the Tsunami in Southeast Asia.  Everyday the death toll just seems to rise.  I read somewhere in the press today that the Earth's axis shifted as a result of the massive quake.  This is scary, because the entire global weather could eventually be altered.  I'll chant that it doesn't.  No matter what your religion is, please keep the ones who perished as well as the survivors in your heartfelt prayers. -C.



Happy New Year!! Already off to a cold start in the Big Apple.  I hate cold weather.  It's fine until the wind starts blowing, then all you want is to stay inside under a blanket.  I began learning guitar over the holidays, and I'm learning that it's easier than I initially thought.  The challenge ahead is eventually learn the art of computer based music recording.  Boggie knows her deal when it comes to ProTools, Mbox, M-Audio and the lot but I for one are in the dark on it.  It's funny when I come to think of it, because at 13 years of age I sequenced on a computer.  A  Commodore C-64 computer with Sonus sequencing software.  I saved my work to hundreds of floppy discs.  The REAL floppy discs that were flexible when bent.  Dad hooked me up with an old B/W tv monitor to edit my scores from.  I switched MIDI configurations manually.  And I did this at THIRTEEN YEARS OF AGE.  I don't think I've taken a step backwards in regards to songwriting (obviously not after 23 years), but in the scheme of recording, I've certainly been the more experimental on the realm of the norm.  During 1991 or 1992, I started recording with two tape decks.  Regular cassette decks, but after sequencing on the Commodore, I would take the cassette mix, place it in tape deck B, and record another take onto deck A.  The notorious act of 'bouncing tracks.' I lost audio quality, but I learned a great deal about multi-tracking and it's essentials.  I continued with this into the mid to late 90's until I was introduced to a Roland VS-880 Hard Disc Recorder whilst interning at Audio Arts Studios in Greenville, NC, 1996.  I was sold on the device, and in 2001, I ended up getting that bad boy.  It's been reliable ever since, and probally one of the most trusted recording devices I've ever used.  Makes me wonder if ProTools would be a sound investment??  -C.



I have uploaded two brand spanking new tunes on the Amazon free music site.  Please surf over and "Get Some" of the "Dreamer."  I've remixed both songs with a more punchier feel, complete with guitar.  Also, I'd like to say that I've always been one to go against the grain. I discovered this month that I will NOT need to invest in ProTools, Logic or the like because I am utilising Adobe Audtion on the Vaio.  It rocks.  I figured out how to do time stretching, pitch correction, and all sorts of wild FX.  You'll hear it in the two new uploaded songs.  The weather is getting a bit milder for a change.  We were digging out of 14 inches of snow the other week. Snow and I do not get along very well.  Makes you wanna curl up in bed with a hot cuppa soup!!  -C.



Three months into the New Year, alot is going on in my direction.  During the course of this month alone, I've met some pretty cool people.  I served as Gajokai with Duncan Sheik at the SGI Center, met supermodel Tyra Banks at my day job, and got a photo of the back of Donald Trump's head at Macy's the other week!  Our SGI group travelled by 4 busloads to Washington, DC two weeks ago for the Southeast General Meeting.  It was similar to the function I attended last year at Lincoln Center only bigger.  There were around 3000 people in overall attendance.  We got treated to some exceptional talent--the Korean Women Drummers, and Grammy Award winner Nestor Torres.  It never ceases to amaze me how many talented people turn up in this practice.  Just the week before the DC trip, our youth group performed at the SGI center here in Manhtattan.  One young boy, all of 13 years old, performed in the band with this homemade/modified KAZOO! Yes, one of music's simplest instruments....souped up with a pickup wired to it and ran through an effects board.  When he blew the thing, it sounded like a cross between a harmonica and a saxophone.  Anyhow, I went up and met him afterwards....the kid is simply amazing to have come up with this idea.  Finally, I completed a new track yesterday, "The World is Yours."  Great tune, it's a wonderful tune telling you that you can overcome any obstacle if you just believe in yourself.  Until later, C.



Well, if you got to this page you've seen the homepage of this site you've probally noticed that the free music download page link is missing.  I've removed it for a has stopped offering their services to artists uploading free music.  Apparently, money talks and they want to sell the artist site as a spot to SELL cd's, and charge the artist a monthly fee in doing so.  I think this is absolute crap.  I would not have minded this drastic change if they had only informed me via email to notify of the upcoming move.  But, they didn't, and now I have to find another free music site to host my MP3's for you to download from.  My apologies if you've tried the link and got the lame Amazon homepage in the past week or so.  As we speak, I have eyes set on 1 or 2 prospective sites.   Good things shall come to those who wait.  Later, C.



The taxman cometh!  Seriously, I got my taxes sorted out finally as of mid week.  Hope you did as well.....anyhow, onto the free music server--I've scouted around, and may have found one promising gem with  I've registered with them, and they are a bit more comprehensive.  I can opt to charge for a download on certain songs if I'd like.  The only drawback is that they can take up to several weeks to approve an MP3 upload.  So, what I'll do is offer the older stuff for free, and the new tunes like "Get Some," "The World is Yours," will be offered for a really low price , like a dollar or so.  I've got to try and profit  somewhere. I've been giving everything away for so long.  Once everything is approved, I'll include the link on the homepage.  Later, C.


6/9/05 Overdue update, happenings

I hope that this will be the first and last time that goes by where I haven't updated the site in several months.  Im such a slacker!  Anyhow, for those of you who have came aboard you'll notice that I've updated the audio page considerably.  I've uploaded 3-4 new songs in FULL LENGTH.  No more of these clips, except for those that have already been sorted onto the site.  Im feeling generous, so grab these whilst you can before I change my mind!  At the end of April of this year, I was flown down to Greenville NC to dj Barcode and The Great American Mining Company.  These are two new hip clubs that are slowly becoming the place to be in eastern NC.  TGAMC club is the first and only club in the state of NC to have a permit to be open ALL NIGHT LONG!  This is really great.  They may want me as their resident dj, but I've got a bunch of obligations up here in the Big Apple to take on first.  I can honestly say that as of now, DJ'ing is my only job and sole source of income.  A dream come true, somewhat, at least until I can apply the skills as a keyboard player and singer 7 days a week.  I have started to get into the aspect of remixing other people's material as well.  This is the field where I combine my talents as a producer with the skills I've learned in the area of dj'ing.  If I hear an idea, if there isn't already a banging remix of it on the market, I'll simply make it myself.  So far, several of these (which won't be uploaded on this site for legal reasons), are sure fire keepers--"Bang Bang"-Nancy Sinatra; "Shout"- Tears for Fears; "Owner of a Lonely Heart"-Yes; and "She's a Freak"-Rick James vs. Corey Stuart.  All of these upcoming remixes are in trance/European style house genre and I intend on incorportating them at the major club venues I dj.  Currently, I am working with Steve Popkin and dj'ing 80's music videos at the Joshua Tree.  It's a change, considering I've never really thought of showcasing videos.  Steve knows his stuff.  The market for 80's music videos took off and the Joshua Tree (located at 34th and 3rd ave NYC) is packed wall to wall Wed-Sat nights!  If Barcode opts to hire me on, I'll have a big decision to make.  I'm also hoping my girlfriend Boggie can make plans to come with me.  She has her own career and is doing quite well at the moment, working with Billy Robinson, formerly of the soul group BT Express.  Well, enjoy the new uploads, drop me a line and don't be strangers to me.  -C.



Last week, I paid homage to the late Luther Vandross.  While I never owned any of his recordings in my collection, I respected him deeply as an outstanding singer and songwriter.  After waiting in line for an hour and a half, I was inside the Frank E. Campbell Funeral Home in Manhattan, and greeted by several of his family members.  I personally saw his gold casket, and a few of the dazzling outfits he wore onstage in his past career.  He will be deeply missed.  At the same timeframe, London suffered a terrorist attack.  I can't help but to hear Luther's song, "The Power of Love," play in my mind's jukebox.  The lyrics would be quite appropriate.  In other news, the dj'ing is coming along--thanks to the Kinston Free Press for running the article on me.  It was nice to know that so many of you managed to read it with it being 4th of July weekend.  Speaking of, I saw the fireworks on top of The Joshua Tree-34th st-on the 6th floor roof.  Nice view, it was me, Boggie and about 15-20 of our friends.  Too bad I didn't have a camcorder handy!  Until next month, later....stay cool everyone.  -C.



Yesterday, our SGI Young Men's Division group took an incredible trip to Lake Sebago (sp?) just outside West Point.  Literally, we were in the mountains.  I had no clue that upstate NY (or anywhere in NY for that matter) had mountains.  We were on the lake front with about several hundred other YMD's from Pennsylvania, NJ, Conneticut, and NY.  We were treated to live music (of course I got up and jammed with them--on keys, latin percussion, and at the helm of a drum set), great food, and games like tug of war (our district lost, btw!)& soccer.  What a nice day, no rain whatsoever!!

On another note, after almost 3 years of living the rat race of NYC, I am leaving this grand ol' city in August.  I hope to find work in NC as a dj and producer (those of you already living there are probally giggling because you know there aren't any real jobs there in the music industry, especially in Kinston!).  Boggie hopefully will follow me in several months time after I settle in.  I feel like I am abandoning alot of possible opportunities here, but one thing very important to me is coming back to NC.  I am taking my Gohonzon, and I'm placing 110% of my faith in it when I do.  I didn't have the slightest inkling of what chanting was 3 years ago, and my perception of Buddhists were all the same.  That's very much changed today.  Boggie is right, I won't be the same person I was when I lived in Kinston 3 years ago.  I've got more skills under my belt, and know a bit more than I knew then.  So, with the faith put into action I will eventually perservere and find me a good paying job there.  There are alot of things that NYC has that NC doesn't, so Boggie is playfully reminding me that there aren't any Indian Curry places, nor are there any stores that sell Baltika 9 Russian beer--both of which I absolutely love.  Also, the record shops don't have as much of a comprehensive import selection like they do here.  I'll have to order from!  Once Boggie comes down, we plan to have a little party and cookout (vegetarian friendly for you veggies like B), so if any of you are reading this, drop me an email  and if you're out of town, I'll get you in touch with some of the cheapest hotels in Kinston.  Most of the time they're vacant anyhow! lol Everyone is welcome to the house (re)warming party!

--Take care, C.



Alot going on....taking the time to actually write some of it down in the log for all of you to read. I made it back to Kinston at the end of last month, so this marks the first entry originating from my former stomping grounds in eastern North Carolina.  I can't say I'm 100% glad to be back.  I am struggling in trying to find a job at the present time and my Mom, bless her, just got diagnosed with Type II Diabetes last Thursday.  Diva (my Norweigan Forest Cat--furry little hairball she is!) sits at my feet in the recording room as I type this to you.  It was a hell of a journey down.  Many thanks to Gavin and his personal moving business out of Brooklyn for getting me, Diva and the equipment down here in one piece.  Although Im quite lonely without Boggie I have to say.  She's currently involved in several groundbreaking projects of her own--one in recording a full length CD (which I've yet to hear tracks from), and another preparing for the NY Marathon as a featured entertainment act on October 16th.  For those of you in major cities reading this my new surroundings are a complete 360 from those in New York.  I hear crickets, frogs and other insects outside my home at night.  It's surreal.  This old home is a bit scary at night; after all, I am here alone with just a mature Basset Hound and a youngling of a cat.  I am, however, able to get up at any hour of the day or night at retreat to the recording room and create new material without fear of bothering neighbours.  In the quest for a job, my boss and friend Steve Popkin contacted me from NYC.  It looks as if I will be returning to the city for several series of dates.  One in October, the other in November to cover for him at the Joshua Tree. He's still dealing with the after effects of Vertigo, and has graciously offered me the openings. Considering Im in dire need of a job and going through Boggie and NYC withdrawals, Im making plans to get my butt up there.  Hopefully I'll see some of you drift into the Joshua Tree.  Come have a drink and request some videos.  Put me to work when I'm up there!    On another note, the songwriting is progressing.  I've written several noteworthy songs in the past weeks-- "Tomorrow," and "In Control".  I may upload them in another month or so for my Yankees and Hillbillies to enjoy.  Take care, -C.



Well, if you're reading this, you'll notice some considerable (and much needed) changes to the site.  I figured it was about time anyhow!  I've been really busy promoting my skills as a dj these days, but in no way have I abandoned playing keyboards.  I am always crafting new material.  In fact, check out the MP3 page and listen to the new song, "In Control."  So what am I doing in NC?  Well, it's really funny because I am writing from NYC at the present time.  I am commuting back and forth pulling gigs for my friend Steve at the Joshua Tree.  If any of you are in the area and are up for 80's videos, stop by any night between Thurs-Sun and look for me; I'll be the VJ on call! lol  In NC, I am either djing at the Great American Mining Company, or playing piano at Cafe Caribe'.  Both establishments are located in Greenville, NC.  So, fret not.  I am still very much active in what I do, just testing the waters and boundaries to see what oceans lie out there.  Enjoy the site, I had a time redesigning it! lol --Later, C.



The weather up here in New York is gradually becoming more fall-like.  About time!  During the day it can get a bit warm, but the evenings are surely cool.  Another week, and Thanksgiving will be upon us.....then Christmas.  Urrrgggghhh! I've done hardly any shopping for family, I suppose I wait to the last minute to get things done.  Puts me in another mode to accomplishing everything.  I got turned onto an incredible series the other week.  "Little Britain" is absolutely hilarious!  If you get to your local music store or electronics outlet, plunk down $30 and get yourself the 1st series on DVD.  You'll be in stitches.  I was watching the other week and made the mistake of taking a gin and tonic during one of the episodes.  I laughed so hard the drink went down the wrong pipe and  I nearly choked to death!  Gotta be careful; it wouldn't be good to have to write an obituary on my website! ;)  Enough ramblings for the day--later everyone.  -C.



It's been exactly one month since I've updated the site, at least with an entry here.  Thanksgiving came and went (ours was nice, btw), and now Christmas is just a bit over a week away.  It's cold up here in NYC.  I really, really dislike the bitter cold up here in the city.  If you've read my previous entries here, you'll recall during last winter how dreadful it got in New York.  Also, I was online today and saw that the bloody Santa display on east 18th street made it onto Yahoo national news!  Oy vey!!  What else is happening??  Well, since last month, I was introduced to a new outlet to network myself online. Thank you Tas for doing this---because it's proving great.  I signed up for and I'm glad I over and join with me.  This Sunday, B and I are off to Kinston for nearly 2 weeks for Christmas break.  I'll be back in NYC in time for New Years (Im actually spinning videos at the Mercury Bar for New Years Eve).  Take care everyone; look out for the fat guy in the red suit with those friggin' reindeer.  -C.



Happy New Year.....well, a belated one at that.  I spent New Years in the dj booth at Mercury Bar playing to the masses--one hit video after another.  Threw confetti and sprayed foam on everyone below.  Boggie joined me in that little crawlspace and we shared a bottle of champagne (Thank you Nile!)....So now we're a few weeks into the new year and NYC is rather cold--not as cold as last winter, mind you.  Im just not one for bundling up.  Hey, Im from the south, give me a break.  I did manage to make a few New Years Resolutions: 1. Experiment more with sound creation--like digital and analogue synthesis, even reverberation in my projects.  2. Attempt to get myself outta debt--I hate owing people, like a dark cloud over your head.  3. Get more involved in the SGI-USA.  Since coming back to NY, I've somewhat detached myself from the practice. I HAVE to make myself chant more if I want to see positive results in the world.  On another note, the other site over at is coming along well.  It will be interesting to see who contacts me over a period of time.  Enjoyed trading a few emails back and forth with BT, who had a featured article in December's Keyboard Magazine.  In another week, my ol' buddy Howard Jones will be back in the city for a special show at the Florence Gould Hall in midtown Manhattan.  It will be great to see him again, since 2004.  Boggie and I are excited.  Until next time, stay warm, and keep the music alive. -C.



Well, haven't I been the slacker.  I don't even know where to begin, except to say there's much to cover in five years' absence.  I won't go off on a rambling Charlie Sheen style tirade, but if you've not kept up with me since the last time I posted here, now is a good time to start. I'll be auditioning for X-Factor USA in a few weeks, fingers crossed there.  Also have a new album in the works.  "Songs For The Electric Soul" is expected to drop around late summer, still in time to hit the beach with the top down and crank up the tunes!  Finally, thank you to Facebook and myspace.  Really, no thanks. While I've been a faithful member for these past five years, I can also say that you are an incredible roadblock and easy way out when it comes to connecting with the fans. As a result of the social network boom, I've been lazy and neglected my true home. supposedly serves as my online home on the internet. A place where you can come and kick back make my home yours. Come into my world, if only for a few minutes.  That being said, I'M BACK. :)  -C.